Chaos is becoming order

Where did all this stuff come from?!!! Actually, it's more things that need to be done, than things I have. For instance, all my photos are on an external drive - for Mac! So I can't access them from my PC. So have to upload them to Dropbox and it is taking FOREVER! Last I looked on the old mac (drive to old mac to dropbox) there were still 10 days of uploading! I hope the old machine doesn't blow up before that happens. But at least everything will be accessible then, in the cloud!

Gotta love technology!

The paper stuff is getting whittled down, too. The biggest paper hogs are government agencies, none of which accept digital anything. So print, copy, mail - copy, copy, copy. And then you have to keep everything for years. Stupid! And then they want things faxed, which means I have to drive somewhere to fax a page! Even though I have an all-in-one printer/fax/copier, I don't have a phone line to use! Faxes are soooo 20th century!

Anyway, my kayak is gone, a lot of odds and ends on craigslist are going. The car is all spiffed up like new and I am having second thoughts about selling it, as I most likely will be back here sometime next year, on my way to somewhere else. I can cover it and leave it here at the house.

The gang here want to do a going away party for me. I guess it will be next week sometime. But it really doesn't feel like I am going away forever. The length of time really depends on the house situation and that is still in limbo. It might be that way for years, for all I know.

The new is supposed to launch at the end of this week. The site looks soooo good and am excited to see the final product. I've been really busy reworking old articles and actually got to write a new one! What a concept! Something of my own. I hope I can do more, there are so many things to write about and South Africa has a lot to offer in that regard.

So onward and forward...more boxes!