Sometimes it feels like things are just sort of floating out of reach, that there are doors out there waiting to be opened. But which door? and which one to close?

Well, I decided on the one to close - Best Places - it just didn't feel right the way things were happening, I certainly wouldn't have run a project that way, so I removed myself, and feel very good about it. I did a lot of soul searching about it, leaving them "in the lurch" but then I thought about how it had all transpired and how I had been feeling around it, I knew it was the right thing to do. The work I produced would not be good as I wouldn't have my heart in it. And the whole thing was really stressing me out - a place I don't want to be! So I will round up my notes and contacts and send them off, and be done with it.

So the latest comments about novel writing "were go for it!" Not having a clue how to get started as I have never really considered writing fiction, I discovered all sorts of web sites and software that could help me - help me by at least giving me the format and flow that is required. I still have to write it! and imagine it! and first of all, come up with the basic premise behind the story. I bought a well-reviewed software called New Novelist and have been playing around with it a bit and it looks like it will be very helpful.

This means I will be writing for myself and won't have to be concerned with editors and others - at least until I have a book proposal and some of it written. But no deadlines and just time to do it.

My health is picking up I think. I am down to 1o mg Prednisone since Monday and had no adverse reactions. The doc said I can start a moderate exercise program, so went for a short walk yesterday and was going to go again this morning but it was pouring. I find it difficult to talk and walk - have no breath and end up almost gasping for air. I expect that will improve once I get a little fitter!

There are other things happening out there that I want to persue - but until I have more info I won't post anything - but is around the notion of "thoughts are things" and "be careful what you wish for it might come true."

So stay tuned!