Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch- changes

Shoot, just when I think I have things in order, they turn upside down. Chris had agreed to stay in the house until the end of March, but he has decided now, after I made all my plans, bought my tickets etc., that he is unable to make that commitment. I shouldn't be surprised, really and I should never have depended on him. So that was my big mistake, but it was helping him out, as well as being a solution for me. With the loan modification, I or someone with the same last name at least (and he is still on the loan, not the title) has to be in the house.


I have to delay my winter getaway. I'm not changing plans to go sailing or to California so am still leaving next week. But will be back here, at the start of the crappy weather, at the end of October. At least for three months. Then once the loan is in place, I hope I can find a housesitter to stay here for a couple of months and I will get out of here.

At the start of the renting season, I will find someone to lease the house so I am not tied to it here.

I am not going to beat myself up about depending on someone so out of control. It was stupid to do it, but as usual I was offering him assistance and a way out of his problems, but it turned round and bit me.

But as everyone says, things happen for a reason, and maybe I just need to be here more than I realize. I have a great job now, so the time won't be so draggy. I didn't sell my car - whew! I've cleaned out all the junk from the house, so there we go!

Everything for a reason.