Cat is Out of the Bag

TulipsNow that the cat is out of the bag and Zoze knows I will be in New Zealand at the end of the year, I can be open about my plans! I was so afraid she would see my grannytravels posts and our cover would be blown!  I think we all did damn well, keeping our lips zipped for almost three months. It was fun... We had Skype on video (gotta love technology) and were chatting away and I could see Jenni in the background doing stuff, bringing out an enormous gift-wrapped box and coming over to hand it to her Mum. Zoze gets busy carefully taking the paper off, no doubt to reuse - just tear it, Zoze! - and inside are piles of packing papers and she laughs and starts digging through it until she comes across what looks like a card, which she opens. With prompting, she opens up the sheet of paper inside, still not recognizing what it was.

When she "gets" that it is my ticket, she comes unglued! Starts crying :) and then can't believe it and that everyone except her knew about it! What fun! So now she really has something to look forward to, as do I!

Let the planning REALLY begin!


IMG_1205I think I planted too many tomato seeds! I have had 100 percent germination, so today spent a couple of hours re-potting the Heirlooms into 4-6 inch pots. I am definitely going to have to find people to give them to as I have three dozen seedling - and I still have the other seeds I planted - another dozen or so!

I also set out a variety of lettuce in pots - some is ready for eating already; others have a way to go. But it looks like there will be no shortage of veges this summer.