Cars in the Park

What a lot of fun!

Another early morning as we had to load the Hupmobile onto the trailer to take it to the show. It is housed in a big private garage that has a very high door. The car is very tall, probably around eight feet high, so doesn't fit most places.

After a quick cuppa we went over to Paul's and the "boys" got ready to load. First of all, check the pertrol - oops! The dip stick came up dry! So off Paul went to buy a gerry can full and they siphoned the fuel into the tank - hi tech! The loading went without a hitch, and the ride up was uneventful. We passed dozens of other classic and vintage cars on the road, all making their way there. We were a bit concerned about the weather, as even though the sunrise had been beautiful, as we headed north, the clouds came in and it looked rather threatening. But near Ashburton, it cleared and the rest of the day was spectacular.

But the time we got to the Park, there were hundreds of cars already in place. We unloaded near the Pavilion and I got to drive with Biff into the Park! I felt like the queen. Should've done the queenie wave, but had too big a grin on my face! My nephew Mark, took pix and I will add them soon.

Biff was absolutely in his element! He knows so many people in the car world and he has such a good reputation. People were milling around the Hup the entire day, the other cars needn't have been there!

Each club had its own cordoned off area - ours was the Vintage Car Club. There were Mini clubs, Morris Minor clubs, Lancias and lots of MGs. One of Biff's restorations, a 1903 (I think) Cadillac was in the Featured tent. An amazing piece of work and he is very proud of it, with good reason.

Of course, as with any event like that, there was masses of food! Samoosas, halaal food, German sausage rolls, beer etc. And sooooo many people of all colors.

That is one thing that has really surprised me. This country is humming - lots of people out and in the malls and everywhere. Although the slow down is evident some places, and there have been layoffs, it doesn't feel like it at all.

I came home with Debbie and her sister Karen, as who knows how long the men would stay. When Mickd did come back, not long after us, we prepared a braai and ate on the verandah. It got a little chilly, had to put a sweat shirt on, but this morning, it is crystal clear, warm and beautiful.

Pix here