Cabin Fever

Oh man, talk about cabin fever! I have been trying to limit my driving - gas is up again as are expenses - but I HAD to get out of here today!

So my excuse was, although a necessity, was to take the rubbish to the dump! How exciting is that? But then I added on a trip into Port Townsend and coffee with Susan at our favorite, Tyler Street Cafe. Actually, our favorite was closed for an upgrade, it's going to be a full cocktail bar and restaurant when it reopens in a couple of months. I'm afraid it won't have that wonderful vibe anymore, so Undertown might be off our list. But we won't write it off until we check it out.

And then we went for a lovely walk around town and discovered (actually Susan knew about it) a delightful Tea and Spice store. It smelled wonderful and I can get all the spices I need for curry and chai - same price as Central Market - so that is a real find. I didn't buy anything, just lifted lids and sniffed a lot!

I haven't been a tourist in Port Townsend for a while and there are a couple of new restaurants and stores I need to check out. The town was busy, as the sun was out! I had to park quite a way from the center which is unusual, but good for the merchants.

But what a difference the sun makes - even though it was cold = turtle neck, sweater and jacket - my glasses knew the sun had strength as they turned really dark to protect me! Damn my Transition lenses, I need all the light I can get!