Busy Few Days

This has been, and continues to be a busy few days for me.

This weekend is the Jefferson County Fair and I am helping with the Kangen Water booth. It is absolutely gorgeous weather so really fun to be outside. This is a real country fair, with what as kids, we called Women's Institute type exhibits - flower arranging, kids cooking competitions, jams, plants, art - all the stuff we did as children. And then there are all the 4-H competitions, so I have been watching little girls wrestle huge bulls into the competition arenas, watched them wipe up dirty poops, watched young boys leading their prize cows around. The little boys all decked out with enormous silver cowboy buckles and boots. And across from our booth is the llama and goat judging area. Just off to the side I get to watch rubber ducky races, where the kids have straws to blow the little bobbers along the shoot. Fifty cents a turn and everyone wins! I think it is the most popular stand at the fair. Quite entertaining, so no time to get bored during the lulls in water interest.

Today I am meeting Susan there, we will explore the exhibits and Dan will watch the mud racing which is always fun! Then mid-afternoon I will man the booth again and we break it down at six.

The house in Port Angeles is coming together nicely and I have a possible tenant already, but waiting for the application to come in so we can proceed. It's a woman and her son who is stationed in the Coast Guard here. The best thing about this, besides them being nice people, is they want to do the all the remaining work! Paint, mow the back yard, etc. And I am very happy to accommodate, as you can imagine. But if that doesn't work out, another application is being submitted too and hopefully one of the two will work out.

What this means, if the fixit people take, is that I won't have to drive back and forth every day, an hour each way and almost six gallons of gas!

So here's holding thumbs and crossing fingers that the applications come in and by next weekend, it will be off my hands and into those of the tenants.