Busy and Productive Week

IMG_1096A busy and productive week. It feels like things are turning round for me. And what a relief that is!

I was able to make the final catch-up payment on the house, so now it is back to the normal, not-so-scary payment. And I signed a contract to work for Harbors in a more inclusive role, which in turn helps with the loan mod on the condo and the new one on this house. And having a contract for a steady income is allowing me to buy a car. I know Bill will be thrilled to get the Leaky Beasty back. But I really don't know what I would have done without it! He is such a good friend. I owe him big time.

I spent the morning at the car dealership. I had forgotten that an old friend is the sales manager there, so I was able to talk to him frankly and it looks like my credit isn't as trashed as I thought it was and that I can get a loan. This will allow me to rebuild my credit and when all three properties are back to current, (2 done, 1 to go) I should be golden.

There are two possible cars and I will see them both on Monday. They are going through the shop as we speak, getting new tires and full mechanicals, so am looking forward to that. One is a Honda CR-V and the other, a Subaru Outback Wagon, either of which will suit me fine. I don't want a "car" car; I like something more substantial around me and although these aren't huge, they sit higher and just feel better - at least to me.

My expanded job is going to be fun, I think. With summer coming and the weather improving - and with a reliable, economical car, I am planning a lot of traveling. Up to the islands, along the coasts, checking things out. The water-testing project is still on hold until 15th and I hope we get good weather for flying. And I am trying to get hold of Andrew and Sandra Butt up in Canada as they have an olive orchard on Pender Island that I want to write about. With the expansion of the new website, I will be blogging a lot there, so will need stuff and places to write about!

Betsy is coming up in June for a couple of weeks and I will have things set up for a trip way up into the islands. She is going to go fishing - and I will sit on the dock! Weather permitting of course.

Chris is, of course, still causing uphill! What he does is so completely illogical and I can only believe he is being pressured because surely he isn't this dumb? What he is doing makes absolutely no sense at all. It costs him money for lawyers, and we all know what they charge. And it just causes stress and upheaval when there isn't any need. The solutions I have proposed are so simple, effective and work for everyone concerned - him, me and the banks. Dumb!

But these last couple of months have been brutal - I really didn't know if I was going to be able to pull any of this off. It was a constant stress level that absolutely wore me out. Now I feel like collapsing!