Body Talk session

I'm sitting here with a full moon shining in my face. It is crystal clear outside and just 20F - or -7C - enough to keep me inside forever! It won't be light for another hour at least, but the good thing is we are getting close to the winter solstice and soon the days will get longer again.

Yesterday was an interesting day! I went up to Port Townsend to see Teresa again for my second Body Talk session. At the first one, it sort of seemed as if my body was disconnected from itself - at least that is what it told her, so she helped link it back. At the end, she asked It (my body) if I should have more treatment and It said that I needed to do it again in four days. All this is very woo woo and takes belief and faith in the mind's power to accept, I know. After the session, for a while, my headaches seemed to be less frequent. So yesterday I went back and it really was amazing. The responses Teresa got from It were very specific, and things that Teresa had no way of knowing. It went from the immune system to the spleen to, specifically, T-cells, B-cells and macrophage, all of which are involved when there is inflammation and infection. So we linked everything to the pituitary gland and that was that!

Teresa said that my body worked really hard and that I would be tired. Well, I was exhausted in the afternoon and felt that I regressed in my recovery about two weeks! I felt and looked awful! So whether it was a result of the Body Talk and the hard work by body did, or whether there is something going on, I don't know. My prednisone is down to 20mg as of yesterday.

So today I must take it easy. At least I don't feel quite so guilty sitting around doing not much of anything as I used to to. I think that is a good thing.