I met with the tropical disease doctor at one of the Government hospital in Durban. The hospitals in South Africa used to be top notch but have gone downhill - fast. But fortunately I went to a clinic which although part of the hospital was separate. As this protocol that is used for treating these weird diseases is not approved by mainstream doctors, I was instructed to tell the receptionist that I was there for "a friendly visit" with the doctor, so I didn't get registered into the system.

Dr. Boysen works with Dr. Jadin who is based in Johannesburg and as it would have been a real mission to get there by today, we decided that I would see Dr. Boysen here and have the blood drawn, which would then be couriered to JoBurg. Dr. Boysen was very thorough and I had taken my medical records from Port Townsend. "Very interesting," she said and I thought, "Oh no, not again!" as this is what I heard from the doctors originally. But she was nice and I will see her again, with Dr. Jadin in Pietermaritzburg on May 26 when the blood tests are back.

Well, it seemed like the tech at the lab drew pints of blood - there were a total of 29 tests required and 12 vials of blood. Had to go have a fruit drink after that!

So now I wait.

But the weather is absolutely divine as they say here :) and I have been sitting out in the sun so am not so lily white any more. I also went to a water aerobics class this morning with Zoze and some of the "girls" and once again I was the youngest one there!!! They all noticed how much weight I have lost, which is gratifying. I don't think I have been this slim since my early 30's. Of course, not everything is in the same place...

Farmers Market tomorrow - and there will be pix.

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