Besotted Grandma

It doesn't take long to be totally besotted! Look here and you will see why!

Oliver is the dearest little guy! So easy going, like his dad. Mel brought him over to the house yesterday and he spent ages playing with water in a bucket and Sadie the dog's drinking bowl, plastic measuring cups and frond from the fir tree! And then he found an empty plastic watering can and investigated that for ages! Who needs expensive toys?

He loves animals and Sadie is such a mellow girl - he was climbing all over her and she just lies there. But Oliver is being taught to be very gentle and he learns fast!

I have the word out to find a place to live down here - I want a granny cottage/guest house sort of thing - I just don't want to be in an apartment complex. Even a condo on the ground floor with a little garden would work. I will need to come down in the middle of September to look for one and as there is a first birthday party planned, I will come down around 13th or so.

Mel is bringing Oliver over again today to play. They are on a first floor apartment so don't have many opportunities for him to be out in the garden. Tomorrow, Susan and I are going to Newport to meet up with Betsy. She is getting ready for her Antarctic adventure!