Back to the Gray

Yep, summer definitely ended. Gray skies, rain and cold with occasional sun breaks. It's amazing how fast it happened - one day beautiful, sunny, clear; the next, dark, gray and dreary. And that's how my mood goes, following the weather patterns. But at least Betsy got some of the best weather in ages. It was so good during her first couple of weeks here, she said that if she heard me complaining again, she wouldn't believe me! But now she knows and she's leaving. She was leaving anyway, but her timing is good - head south to warmer, clearer skies.

It has certainly been such fun having her here. I've been out and about more as it really is more enjoyable to do stuff with someone who enjoys the same things. And as we are both on such tight budgets, most of what we have done has been either free or very inexpensive! Things like the Farmers Markets, apple picking, cider pressing - and tasting, a cup of coffee here and there, the Kinetic Skulpture Race, wine and beer tastings... We enjoyed those outings as much as we did others when we were flush - way back when.

It is so much easier living with a woman than a man! Maybe I am generalizing and being sexist but damn! Betsy just gets in there and does what needs to be done. She cooks and cleans up; she helped me cut back the huge kiwi vine that was taking over the house and then clean the gutters that were blocked by the leaves from the vine. I don't think they had been cleaned since the house was painted eight years ago. It's so nice never having to ask someone, or nag someone to help or do something. Or have to ask for help with a project. I'm not used to that so might have to reconsider getting a roommate.

And one of the best things? The toilet seat is always down!

We've reminisced a lot about where we have been, where we have hooked up and hung out, where we have actually shared living spaces, the places and trips we took and those have spanned the globe. It's interesting though. We have completely different daily schedules. I get up early and go to bed early. She stays up late and wakes late so we both get our private or alone time without any effort. She loves Hinckley and Buddy (fortunately!) despite all their fur, and they love her. I think they will miss her as much as I will when she heads out next week. Most of all, I think I will miss all the laughter! We get a bit silly sometimes, but who cares! It's good for the soul.

I had so hoped to not be here this winter but it looks like I will have to be. Despite ongoing efforts, ecology has not come through with anything substantial. I am working with the bank to keep this house; the Port Angeles house is ticking over with the tenants paying albeit a little late each month; the condo is still sitting there. The loan has just been sold so I plan to work with the new mortgage people to try to keep it too. I sent the bank a proposal and they actually responded with what I needed to do. I began preparing the documents and then got the letter saying the loan was sold! But I think the new company might be easier to deal with than BoA, so am hopeful that the condo will remain in the portfolio!

I have given myself six months. If all the house stuff is not settled by then, then I will walk away - don't know where to, but something will show up. It usually does. Having the kitties makes it more difficult, but these two little guys have made my life bearable so many times, I can't abandon them. So where I go, they go too.

The new magazine job is ok - it's not something that I am going to get sucked in to and work hundreds of hours on. For the potential pay - appropriate hours. But I think it will be fun and it will involve trips, locally. Some by seaplane which will be a treat and stays in resorts etc, rather like I did for Country Life.

Now it's time for me to get to work - but first, one more cup of coffee.