Atkins Diet

So Dr. Lynn said it was ok to go on a diet - low carb etc but that if I am going to do it right, I have to do it by the book. I was a little surprised the he did ok it, as it almost feels counterproductive to feeling better. And I wonder if it will actually work while I'm taking the prednisone which is a big part of the problem.

But I decided to do it anyway and Thursday I started. Susan is also doing it and she has already lost five pounds. I don't have scale so will have to judge it from the way my clothes fit. We drove all over Port Townsend trying to find the book - nobody had it so we started from memory and from the basic info in an Atkins cookbook that I have. Then on Friday I went to Poulsbo and actually went to Walmart and found the book. Nice, calming night time reading.

I've been doing the diet now for three and a half days now and have used the ketostix and am having slight ketosis - not bright purple yet, just a blush! But that does mean it's working so that's a good sign. But we went to a barbecue last night and it was SO hard to resist the goodies - but I did but it was very difficult. No wine, no cool salads just spinach salad that I took, and no desserts. Bummer!

What a zoo Walmart is! It's the first time I've been there and probably won't go ever again. I know now first hand what Walmartizing is and it is invading this country. You have a huge selection of "things" but not a great variety withing the categories so people are all buying the same brands with the same flavors so individuality is going out the window. Anything different is suspect. And that is pervading our entire culture - how sad when Coleman's yellow mustard is considered gourmet!