Ask and it is given...

There's a lot of whoo whoo stuff out there but I know for a fact that the "Ask and it is given" belief does work!.

For more than 18 months, I have been working on getting a loan modification on this house. At the time I started the process, I had little or no income, at least not anything consistent. I plugged away with the mortgage company, repeatedly sending the same documents, over and over and over again. One department would tell me something, and another wouldn't have a clue about the request, and ask for something completely different. So I'd redo forms, print out more stuff and fax things. Yes, still fax everything, even though I could have scanned and emailed it. And to fax it, I would have to drive to the bank and have them send it as I don't have a landline into the house anymore. Just a dsl line for the internet.

But I kept at it, many times throwing up my hands and cursing and wondering why the hell I was doing it. But then, about two months ago, I got the feeling that the loan mod would happen. It was just a feeling, but it was definitely there! So I held onto it and lo and behold! Yesterday, there was a Fedex letter on the door with a "Congratulations, you've been approved" letter!

There is a three month trial period starting November with the reduced mortgage payment. If I'm a good girl, then the loan will be made permanent! I have some questions about the process, which I will clear up today but I get to keep the house! I haven't lost everything. So I am very excited!

This doesn't mean though, that I will be here over the winter. The plan is for Chris to be here at least through March, then I will come back here, get repairs done (new skylights and a few other things) and get it leased out. The best time to find a tenant is spring/summer so that looks like my plan for now.

And then to make my day even more exciting, I've been offered a full-time, or as close to full-time as I want, job with The Ecology Global Network, the group I have been working with. So I have a little negotiating to do in that regard, but I really enjoy what I am doing, and want to work in more writing/photo ops into the job. What I don't want, is to be stuck in front of a computer all day. If that were the case, I might as well just stay here! And that scenario is not in the cards.

So here are things I have been asking for all tied into one - a job I enjoy that pays me so that I can keep the house, still travel and be out of here in the winter! Proof positive that it works!