Another Year...

IMG_0998004So today is my birthday and I am having a very difficult time believing that I am the age I am! How can that be? My mind tells me one thing, my body and the mirror tell me something different! I do know one thing, though! My life at this age is a whole lot different - and I think better - than our parent's and their parent's lives. I know I don't act the way they did. Some may say that's not such a good thing but for me it is. When I look around at people my age and a bit older, I KNOW! I just do, that I can never be that way. And unfortunately, those are types are in the majority, especially where I live.

So what is that telling me? Same thing it's been telling me, hell, shouting at me for at least the last year.

Don't get me wrong. This location is idyllic - for someone - and at times, for me. It is the ideal situation for a peaceful getaway, a retreat, or for a couple of lovebirds who are wrapped up in each other and don't need or want anyone else around.

This is my backyard. Mr. Heron standing watch, keeping all the mallards from approaching the small bank where they love to roost and forage. 

Susan spent a couple of days down here with me recently and she completely unwound and enjoyed the beauty of the place. The bird life is amazing and just the peace and calming of water on my back doorstep is restorative. There are many times I simply stand at the French doors, watching the water, the birds, the sky. However, the door is closed 90 percent of the time because it is just too damn cold!

And there lies the rub.

I don't have a solution yet, just a lot of ideas and steps I need to take to handle things. It is slowly coming together and I hope that I will have everything under control soon so I don't have to spend another winter here. It is just too depressing.

It looks like it is going to be a pretty day, so if it warms up enough, I may be able to get outside to do some well-needed weeding and garden clean up. And I expect Skype calls from around the world and phone calls from down south, all of which will really make my day. And I will probably work on a vision board and try to make sense of where I am, what I want and where to I want to be.

Bring on another year!

These a fun pix I took yesterday over in Port Gamble - lots of color!