Dinner at Pirate's Cove was good - not outstanding and marred by an exceptionally dull waitress! But the cream of crab soup was one of the better ones.

We had a great sail up the bay to Annapolis. Weather and wind were perfect (except it could have been 80F instead of 60F). It was different, too with tankers anchored out, waiting to go to Baltimore. We sailed right by Thomas Point Lighthouse which is a National Historical Landmark, one of 10 in the country.

We topped up with fuel, had the heads pumped out and returned the boat to the charter company, unloaded everything into Maryann's car, swung by the Boat Show office to get out badges and went to lunch at a place Bobbie calls the Office, but is actually called Davis' Pub, sat outside and had fish and chips. The first meal out I didn't have something crab!

We all had soooo much laundry, we took it all to the laundromat and spent an hour or so watching the clothes spin around - and the weird people there! Enormously fat - one woman could barely move, and she had these enormous, pendulous boobs (no bra) that swung and swayed as she moved! Amazing!

Dinner was at Seaside Restaurant. I hadn't planned on eating too much, so stuck with cream of crab soup, a good one. It seemed as if most of the other diners were having crab, piles of them on the table. The one thing I didn't do this trip - beat on a pile of crab with a hammer. Next time!

Boat Show

Thursday was Trade/Exhibitor Day at the Annapolis Boat Show and we made the rounds. What a show it is! Hundreds of beautiful boats, exhibitors lining the docks and masses of people. I wasn't there so much to get leads/names for articles, but did make some good contacts. Finally met Greta, Sailing Magazine's editor and we had dinner with her at a Thai restaurant.

Yesterday, Friday was also boat show but I was really tired. Too many people, too much activity. Betsy and Bob and things to do and people to see so I walked around a while, then went out of the show and explored a little bit of the surrounding area, but there were just so many people! I just don't care to be around crowds like that, they make me want to go sit somewhere quietly by myself. I don't like schmoozing and being "on" all the time. I can do it in small doses, but not long days of it. Anyway... it is an amazing show and if I was in the market for a boat, it's the one I would go to.

But! I did have a couple of Pusser's Painkillers which reminded me of the Virgin Islands and got the very cool enameled mugs the drinks come in.

Today, Betsy and Bob are off to the show again, but Maryann and Ray are taking me out on their boat to see the area a bit and then taking me to the airport which is very kind of them.