An NRV Day

Spring is trying to make an appearance So today I did - exactly nothing! I don't know why I was so lagging but I decided to just go with it and took and NRV day. For those of you unfamiliar with this term - No Redeeming Value!

I watched the last of a series on Netflix. A British detective series called Waking the Dead. I'm sad there are no more available yet; now I will have to find more English programs - they are so much better than the blood and guts the American ones spit out.

It wasn't raining today, a blessing! But it was damp and cold; even the kitties weren't thrilled and spent most of the day inside. A couple of days ago I did get some of the brambley blackberry vines cut down but still have about a third to hack away. I better get to them soon as they are already sprouting and once they get going - they are like triffid weeds and completely take over.

But all around things are sprouting. The fruit trees have velvety buds appearing and a few primroses are braving the weather. And the first rhody flower is showing it's face. So there is hope!

Yesterday, Susan and I went to Poulsbo for a get out of the house coffee. And had an interesting return trip.

Susan posted this on Facebook:

Driving us home today from an outing Poulsbo, Susan Colby, had a very close call at Termination Point. Susan exhibited such amazing driving skills. Some guy pulled out right in front of us and with no time to pick a different course, Susan punched it just enough that he went behind us. I fully expected an impact. There was a semi coming toward us on 104 and we would have been shoved into its path had the other driver hit us. Still shaking but really glad it was she who was driving. I am not sure if I could have pulled that off. Thanks, Susan! I think you need to pull the name "Granny" off of anything you are involved with. You are far from what most folks think of when they hear "Granny". Thanks from me and my husband, kiddos and grand-kids!"

A really stupid driver! So I at least know my age is not affecting my reactions! Now, if it would just leave the rest of me alone, I would be a happy 18 year old again.