Almost there

I figure if I can put this business together, I can do anything!

It definitely is a steep learning curve, starting off with what I thought was a reasonable amount of internet and web 2.0 knowledge. Now I have a much wider understanding of it, and am just glad it's not me building the site - way too much scripting and algorithms for me! I am so grateful I found the group in India who are building the site as they "got" what we are trying to do, right from the beginning.

So that has been going along very well, now we are waiting for the nutritional calculator to be incorporated and then once that is done, I can move the site to our hosting people, upload all the images and copy and go live. Then I have to be ready for the flood of orders, because I know Annie is going to tweet the heck out of it and so are her friends. This is the ultimate viral marketing site. 

But besides the site, there has been all the other stuff, like ordering and pricing! The pricing was not easy and thank goodness for Ryan and his excel spreadsheets and formulas! But I think we have it nailed down now. And then it's all the ancillary stuff for the gift baskets, packaging, shipping - I had no idea what went into all this. And then came what I thought would be the fun stuff -- ordering, but I have been agonizing over it. I thought spending someone else's money would be great, but it is scary - what if I make mistakes etc? And then there's the book keeping - quickbooks online - another program to learn.

And chasing down things that are still needed from the attorneys - but Annie is on that and hopefully we will have the legal stuff from them soon. If not, the site can't go live as our merchant account couldn't be active.

So it has been one step forward, two steps back but now it seems that we are making steady progress. The main BIG order arrives tomorrow morning between 6-7 in a 57-foot (17m) big rig that is going to have to turn around in the field down the road and then back up to the house, unload the pallet of 1000 lbs nuts with his fork lift and hopefully not get stuck in any mud! It will still be dark but I plan on taking pictures!

Since I put up my weather station a month ago, we have had 11 inches of freezing rain! We are not impressed!