A Year Flown - and Dragged By

A Year Later...

Gray haired lady has been lying dormant for a while but I thought it time to get the site back live. Granny Travels has been getting the attention but that is mostly a travel and promotional site. Gray haired lady is a more personal blog.

I looked at the date of my last post - a year ago. And a lot - and not much- going on.

Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park

This time last year, I swore I would not spend another winter here. Well, now it's almost spring and here I am. There have been a lot of ups and downs, sadly more downs than ups, but the good ups overshadow the shitty downs.

The highlights are trips to Southern California throughout the year, Ryan's visit and Montana last summer where I was able to spend time with ALL my boys: Ryan, Cody, Oliver and Everett! We had such a good time being a family.

Now, as spring rolls around again, I am preparing for trip to Belize with Betsy and a bunch of women. We will be sailing a large catamaran around the second largest coral reef in the world, in warm, crystal clear water! So am really looking forward to snorkeling and swimming, something I haven't done since I can't remember when! It will be a challenge being around that many people for an extended time as I have become a real hermit!

I am trying to change that so I can keep my sanity and not waste away from loneliness down here at the end of the world. The Airbnb endeavor is working out well, easing into it during the slow months. I think summer will be busy and so far, the people who have stayed have been so nice!

Some Things Stay the Same

The things that haven't changed are the hassles with the house and my dislike of this crappy weather. The constant fighting with an inept loan company is wearing... And I am ready to walk away if they don't go along with what I can do. But they are just disinterested, probably making minimum wage while they mess with my life! I even went back into real estate, something I swore I would NEVER do, to try to make it more palatable for the loan people, but when they totally screwed up, I quit as I really detest the business. I would rather be homeless and broke than work in that industry.

Malibu Wine Safaris for my birthday
Malibu Wine Safaris for my birthday

So once again looking at ways to make a living! And thinking seriously of returning to South Africa as the exchange rate is so favorable now. When I was there with Chris, it was R11 to $1 which was amazing. Last time I went it was R6 to $1 and now it is R16 to $1 which makes it almost doable on my pitiful Social Security. During the year, I have done a couple of articles for the local paper, so at least I keep my hand in. And I have been doing a lot of iPhone photography, posting in Steller and Instagram. It seems I always have something to do, it just doesn't translate to an income!

The lawsuit over the rental in Port Angeles is over, thank goodness. What a useless waste of time. It must have cost Chris a fortune! For absolutely nothing and he continues to be thorn in my side, taking up space on this planet that could be better served with another person. Fortunately, there is no interaction with him and I would like it to continue that way.

As always, the kitties are the main reason I stay here in the house. Hinckley is 11 and Buddy 10, so although they aren't young any more, they have a lot of years ahead of them. They have been the little souls that have kept me from going during crazy times, but they are a huge anchor. But what do I do? Finding a home for them together is almost an impossibility and I really can't take them anywhere. If I was able to find a good home for them, I don't think I would be here in this house long - just long enough to pack up and leave!

There is also a possibility of a job in England which is daunting on one hand, but on the other, it is quite a validation as it is a large, prestigious, well-known company. After feeling like a failure for so many years - old and invisible - it actually feels good. However...I don't have enough details about the job and have an interview in 10 days. And moving to England would be like living in this climate! Ugh! So I have decided not to even think about it until I have more info and the interview!

And last but definitely not least, is the trip to Belize coming up in March! I am so excited about that. It's 16 years since I was there, when I rented a place to move to - 78 Front Street, Punta Gorda. I wonder what direction my life would have gone, if I had actually made the move?