A Week Gone By

If you listen very carefully, you can hear the birds. Noises are dying down now, as it seems the females have approved the home building and the male can quit weaving - until next season. BTW, I took this with my iPad!

Well, here I am, a week gone by already. Settling in and getting adjusted to time etc.

I don’t have a car yet, which so far isn’t a problem, as I really haven’t felt like going anywhere in particular but am going to need one soon. Graham left me a message and have called and left him one, so hopefully that will be a happy outcome, with a car at my disposal.

It has been really hot, and I am so not used to the heat. I love wearing light clothes and going barefoot, having all the windows and doors open. This afternoon we had a heavy rainstorm, but not enough, says Debbie. It was just enough to lay the dust and cool us off a bit. There was thunder, but no lightning. So we are hopeful that another storm comes roaring in later, as everything is very dry. There has not been the normal rainfall this year.

We went out to breakfast this morning, to a café called the Coffee Berry in a local shopping center. It was my first South African bacon since I got here, and it was yummy! So much better than US bacon, which is all fat. Our server, or waitron, as they are called here, was very pleasant. It’s a whole different attitude towards the customers, almost obsequious, but not really. He tried very hard and was extremely polite. I think I am so used to the wait staff in the States who seem to not give a damn, or who, on the other hand, are so casual and overfriendly towards the customers.

Breakfast cost about R50 (6.25) – bacon and eggs, potatoes, toast – fried tomato which I opted out of. And filter coffee. But not bottomless cups, just one. I didn’t need a second; the first one was plenty powerful to set me up for the day. Prices are getting up there.

As we left the café, I started thinking how many more people there seem to be about, but when we got in the car, I realized it is just there are so many more cars on the road than there were three years ago. The roads are really busy and I have to get my head around driving on the wrong side of the road again!

As we drove through Pietermaritzburg, I noticed the lovely old buildings that are everywhere. The sad thing is, so many of them are in disrepair or filled with squatters. There are lots of Victorian era house, with the scrollwork and the old government buildings are beautiful. I hesitate to take my camera out into the downtown as it is filled with people who might take a fancy to it. I wish I had a small point and shoot and not my great big Canon! I’d love to go out shooting – the camera, that is.

Not much has changed, really. Just more people. Mostly it appears peaceful, people seem cooperative, but I haven’t been out much, so will see what the real world is like when I do get a car. And when I go down to Durban to do an article for a local business-to-business journal – Facilities Management! A new morgue is being built so will go interview and take pix. Something different for me. I’ve read a couple of the journals and the content is good, so I think I will enjoy doing it. It actually kind of ties in with ecology.com, as there is a lot of environmental awareness here. At least amongst the educated people.