A Trip Away From the Cold

It was a big decision day today.

We really are going to take a month off in the middle of the nasty winter and head south. Well, it was a partial decision because we really haven't decided where to go yet. And that's not the only decision that has to be made.

I love to travel light, and explore and go on adventures like Susan and my trips to the Yucatan and Belize. We arrived with not a plan in our minds, just get a car and go and what wonderful experiences we had.

Chris on the other hand, is more geared to a traditional type of travel, with hotels booked in advance etc. So I think we will have to compromise with a bit of both styles.

I want to go to either Panama, Nicaragua, Belize or Honduras and one of the deciding factors will be whether I can snag an assignment with either Sailing or Cruising World to do an adventure sailing story. But I have to find a hook - something to make it different from your run of the mill charter/cruising stories. Go to a destination that is not well-known and offers something a bit different. Of course, I could pitch mags like AARP (for the youngsters that's Association of American Retired People which you get to belong to when you turn 50) and other "mature" mags. So this is a bit of rambling, put thoughts on paper/screen sort of thing.

If we decide that Central America is the place to go, then the Spanish courses starting soon here in Port Townsend will be a must. Have to call Helena and get signed up...