A South African Moment

night-adder Well, I knew it had to happen at some time. I was walking out to my room, which has outside access, this morning and saw something unusual at the step.


A night adder! A baby, according to Mick. It had a very fat tummy, and as their favorite food is frogs and toads, it might be quieter by one croak this evening. Mick decided to catch it and move it, but it scuttled away before he could trap it. Later, I saw him again, but Mick said it was probably his brother as it was again, a young one and there are usually more than one in the - what do you call a batch of snakes? Litter? He couldn't corral that one either - they are quite quick! So now I go out there more carefully! A real South African moment. Of course, I didn't have my camera!

I am definitely over jet lag and ready to get going on something! I don't do well with no direction. Country Life wants me to start all over - there is a new editor there, so she has no idea what I can do, so maybe, once I have wheels, I will go down to the office with my portfolio so she can take a look. That might help.

And I will try to get reactivated on Demand Media although the pay is so low, it almost makes it not worth it. But the dollars will go further here, despite the increased COL.

Went to the market with Mick and the fruits and veges are much less expensive, but cheeses and meats are way up there with US prices. Good time to go vegetarian :)

Next mission is to get a car somehow. Not buy one as I have no idea how long I will be here, but find someone who has a spare that I can use or rent month-to-month. I definitely need wheels or I will go stir crazy.

I am excited - going to the Lea cottage at the beach over the weekend - can't wait!