A Push to Update My Web Site

kingfishers This little kingfisher was very happy yesterday - I missed the actual plunge but one second he was on the bowsprit, the next the water was disturbed and then he was back with the fish that went down with one gulp!

So that was my entertainment for the day. Oh, and the otters were out again, playing and lounging on the dock. They are so entertaining!

My eye is finally healing. I discovered that I am allergic to the ointment I was supposed to use. It's difficult assessing a wound on your eye when you have to take your glasses off to do it, but I realized, with the aid of a magnifying glass that it was causing blisters, so wasn't healing. Just hope it doesn't leave a scar. I am only using the Kangen acidic water now, which I was using in conjunction with the ointment. I will be glad when this is done!

pageI have a lot of time on my hands at the moment. With the not very encouraging news from ecology - treat it like a hobby until they throw money at us - I decided to update my colbycomm web site. I was encouraged to do it after Evie posted a Pumula Hotel picture on Facebook and I found I didn't have the article I did for Country Life on the site. So immediately scanned and put it up. I so loved that job at Country Life. Sigh...

So I am going to rescan my whole portfolio as this scanner I have now does a much better job than my old one; at least you can read the .pdfs. It will be fun to do especially now as I am so used to working with wordpress, it won't take that long and as I am going to need to promote myself to get some dollars flowing, it will be good the site is current.