A New Era

panoWe are already almost through the first week of this new Golden Era. At least that is what the thinking is as the Maya calendar rolled over into the next baktun. There is a lot of belief around a new beginning, a new start, a new era of peace and prosperity which I fervently hope is true! My new year is all about moving forward and not counting on anyone but myself. I think I have put way to much emphasis on outside sources providing for me - jobs, relationships etc. I just have to do it myself and if any of these other projects that have been hanging around come to fruition, well, that will be wonderful.

Stuff to be disseminated on the bed in the spare room

So I decided that, seeing as it looks like I will be here for a while, at least through the winter, then I would get out my "stuff" that has been in boxes up in the attic. But as I am pretty cautious about climbing ladders on my own, Susan came down and I handed stuff down to her and had her spot me on the ladder.

Mostly, I have pictures and slides. Masses of them and getting them all - or at least the most important ones - scanned has been a long time goal of mine. It's tedious but oh so worth while. Also in the boxes are memorabilia from travels, like the jippy jappy baskets and drum from Belize; my beautiful African baskets and carvings. And then of course, there are the things the boys made as kids and poetry they wrote and their report cards! Oh, and MY report cards from elementary school. "Susan doesn't apply herself" was the theme throughout my school years! Damn, I was sooo bored!

And then there are all the framed pictures. Since I landed back here, I didn't really think I would be here this long so I haven't hung anything on the walls. But now, I figure, what is going to take to repack this stuff and take the pictures off the walls? Not much and having them visible will feel more like home. So I have some of them hung including my lioness closeup and have put some out on shelves but I have become so used to the minimalist feel and being able to go around and clean quickly. So don't want to clutter things up.

Despite the resolution to not count on anyone else, I still remain hopeful about ecology. Maybe now that the "fiscal cliff" is behind us, the investors' purse strings will loosen up a bit. Harbors Magazine published and it looks goo and I am working on the next issue. I've also taken over Ryan's side job. He said he was just too busy to do it any more so he handed it off to me. It's an eBay deal where we auction newly released DVDs. Then they get shipped. He's been doing it with a friend for a couple of years so he has a system that I use. It's fairly simple but the added income will definitely help me out a lot!

This Friday, I pay the price for sun time in my youth! I have a basal cell carcinoma on my lower eyelid so have to have minor surgery to have it removed. It is really starting to bug me. The doctor who is doing this is an opthamologist/plastic surgeon so he knows what he is doing. Susan will take me as I will have a patch for a couple of days, so no driving! I will be so glad when it is gone. It's got to the point where I think everyone is staring at me - "See the old lady with a wart on her eye?" Probably no one notices except me!