A Little Jaunt

Tyler Street Cafe in Port Townsend is mmmm mmmm good! They have the best baked stuff and cafe lunches. I stopped in for bear claws this morning and somebody's best friend was sitting outside waiting for treats,

Today is a good day!

I got up at my usual time and decided to go straight to Port Townsend to do a few things before I got too tired as the day went on. The weather was gorgeous - crystal clear, no wind, sun! But by the time I got to the end of the road, it was socked in, gray soupy fog. And it was like that all the way up Beaver Valley Road to Port Townsend. But it felt good to be out!

Ran my errands, all in one spot, stopped at the bakery for a bear claw to bring home to Chris, and headed home, showered and now I am ready for ...

A scavenger hunt!

Ryan and his friends have got me on the internet side of the scavenger hunt they are doing in West Hollywood! They are all set up with camera phones, navigation in the car and then they will phone me, send me pix and I will track down the clues!!! What fun! They haven't done one before and neither have I so this could be hilarious. But who know? Maybe we will be winners.

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