a little each day

Each day is another step to moving to Bocas. We ALMOST had a rental but it was snatched out from under us. At first glance, it looked perfect for us, but obviously it was not meant to be. So I am in contact with another owner and hoping to get some pictures of her house down there before we make any commitment.

I had an eye exam and ordered new glasses. The main reason, not that I really need new glasses, I need the prescription for my snorkeling mask! I found a place in Tacoma with a good selection of goggles, and then, if I don't like there pre-made prescription lenses, will send the mask and my new script to a place in San Diego that makes them custom. I am getting bifocal goggles! Have to be able to see clearly underwater!

Then yesterday, I took the first batch of clothes to the Goodwill store. I know there will be more as I fine tune things, but initially this was good. Some of the stuff I haven't worn for years! And then started going through my papers and this morning, spent two cups of coffee time burning the old papers in the wood stove. There is very little I need to take and any important stuff I can leave with Ryan.

Another giant step is that Cody and Mel hooked up Skype so we chatted and I saw the little boys! Everett is a little chubby guy, just like Cody was at that age, and Oliver is a wild man!  Very active and sooo cute. He was shy to start, then wanted to be on camera all the time, "Susu Susu!"  showing me things and dancing around. So now I won't feel as disconnected when I am way south.