A Great Auntie - Again!

Isabella Sally O'Connor was born this morning in Australia - making me a great aunt for - I think - the eighth time! The Jewitt family expands :) We are a fairly prolific family! Cathy, Lofty and babe doing well. And I am sure Grandpa Mick is just bursting with pride! Congratulations!
Thanks, Julie-Ann for posting this!
The New Year is starting out on a positive note so I will do my darnedest to keep that going though this year and beyond. The New Years Eve party at Scott's was a lot of fun, met some really cool people and came away from it with a new project! Well, one that has been on the back burner for a while but now apparently the funding is there to bring it forward. Dockside will go digital! And I will take the project forward like I have for mymixednuts. It will be another challenge as we will put the mag online as a flip page magazine, so yesterday I was trying out software to make that happen! It is actually not difficult at all, just time consuming. Then the rest of the site will be pretty basic with some ecommerce attached. And I will work with my Indian buddies who have built the nut site.
It is definitely January around here - gray, cold, wet and windy. But! the irises are already up although it seems a bit early, but that's ok by me. Pretty soon I can think about planting vege seeds. First I have to build some planter boxes as I am not growing anything in the ground again as the house is going on the market soon and I want to be able to take my garden with me wherever I go - wherever that may be!
I started another round of antibiotics yesterday and have had a reaction to them. Yesterday my face felt really itchy and got blotchy - today it is puffy and my lips are all swollen - think Meg Ryan in First Wives Club! I know Dr Jadin is out of town so have emailed Di, her nurse to find out if I should continue on with them.