A Funny Experience!

I had a rather funny experience today! Picture this: a car (fairly old, mine) the size of a Honda Civic or a bit smaller. Add 5 (five) yes 5 rather large black ladies, average weight 200 pounds! And you get a little putt putt car valiantly driving down a dirt road, me at the wheel, carefully avoiding any pot holes so we don't bottom out! Ladies are shrieking with laughter, the three largest - probably close to 800 pounds combined, wedged into the back seat, I don't know how! And two, plus me driving, in the front!

I had been up to Stocklands to get some decent pix of Evie and Roland, we went out to lunch and to visit Liesl, her daughter-in-law, and as I was leaving, which was quitting time for the ladies of the B&B, they simultaneously stuck out their thumbs! What could I do but stop and load them all in! Fortunately for me - and the car - it was a short distance (probably half a mile or so which they usually walk to and from work) to their bus stop, and mostly down hill!

Just wish I had had the time to take a picture - but I have it etched in my mind. What a hoot!