A first birthday

Yesterday was a big day for young Oliver - he is a single digit!

I went over early to Cody and Mel's with the cake I made, and the young man was toddling all over the place! He was put down for a quick nap and when he woke up, the house was filled with a LOT of people and he was totally overwhelmed.
But he soon recovered and had a wonderful time with all the gifts, although I think Cody had more fun, opening them for him and checking them out.

Lots of fun for everyone!

The nut biz is a go - and Ryan thinks I should start a new blog about an older (more mature) person developing a web 2.0 site - so will have to think about that one. I am lucky in that I have been so involved with the internet for so many years, that it really doesn't phase me that much - in fact, it is a lot of fun...

Now off to cook dinner for the boys in this land of fruits and nuts!