A day off

What a pleasure! Not that I had planned to take the day off, but Demand Media, where my editing comes from, is having "issues," so there hasn't been anything for me to work on. If this is an indication of things to come, I realize I need to find backup work.

And lo and behold, Ryan sent me a link to a whole list of places online that buy travel articles etc. Again, because I have a different mindset (Panama) I am looking at what they pay in a lot different light. And I can make it work. Now I have to pitch all the places and I am pretty sure a couple will hit.

The days are whizzing by, and I need to put up a calendar and mark off the days, although that doesn't do much good, really, until I actually pick a date. So I am thinking the end of October -- or sooner -- if we don't get summer here soon. It's till getting down to almost freezing at night! But I know something is happening and growing, as hay fever is setting in and I have itchy eyes and nose. It's years since this happened. Not since I did a whole homeopathic treatment 20+ years ago. It must have worn off, damn!

Most of my planning is in my head, at the moment. But the time is quickly approaching when I need to start actually packing up what I want to save, like photos and such. But there is very little that I want to keep. Just about everything in this house is thrift store and garage sale stuff, so I can happily walk away from it. And all the winter clothes? Whoosh, out the door into boxes for Goodwill. I'll take my Kangen water machine - can't live without that, and as the water in Bocas del Toro is not drinkable, I need to get pre-filters for it. I know that this machine is what has kept me - and will continue to keep me - healthy. The electrical system in Panama is the same as here, I believe, so it should work well. I'll take my laptop and camera (my Canon) and hopefully the new one I want, the Leica V-LUX 30. And I will have lightweight dresses and a couple of bathing suits. Not sure yet whether to get new goggles, snorkel and fins here or down there. It's a popular diving and snorkeling area, so it might be easier than trying to find them here. Not too many people swim here, where the water hardly ever gets above 46F!

My friends in Bocas Town will tell me what I should bring - ans what is easy to get there.