A brand new year

I've been a slacker not writing here but I have an excuse! Just after Christmas Ryan came up for a few days so I was lucky and able to just hang out with him. Christmas was such a non-event that we really didn't do any of that kind of stuff. We didn't have many decorations up so it wasn't really festive at all.

We played scrabble and he absolutely whipped me! But he said he's had a lot of practise - he plays Literati on yahoo - and his last job was pretty boring so he had a lot of time to do that. We went to the Ajax for dinner and that's always good! And as I got the contract to write the Olympic Peninsula chapter of the Best Places Northwest book, it's one of the places that will be included in the chapter. So we had a preview - or pre-taste!

Weather is absolutely sucky - not that cold, only around 40-50F but rainy rainy rainy! The entire west coast is being drenched and we had a howling storm blast through here a couple of nights ago. Today is sort of dry but they say there is another front moving in.

While Ryan was here we went to the Habitat for Humanity store and bought some small pewter plates and put them on ebay! And they sold and we made a little money! It was fun, too, watching people watching to see when to bid! It takes finding a niche - although it seems like people will buy anything! I have some old jeans that I can no longer wear and maybe I'll put those on the auction block! I stopped in at the local thrift stores earlier today but didn't see any more pewter but I did see a lot of jeans!

Met Susan at Don's Soda Fountain and we went for a walk. It felt good to be out - it's the first real walk I've been on, just over a mile and I'm not tired at all. I have cut the prednisone back to 15mg per the doctor's instructions. I've had some chest pains during the night and just in the last few days noticed that my vision seems to be rather blurry - I can't really read the road signs and the info screen on the TV is a blur. So will have to call tomorrow and ask him what's up. Losing my sight is the most scary thing so I need to make sure that nothing happens.

Belize is looking better and better and I spent hours yesterday looking for places to go - both for a visit and to stay permanently. I felt so good when I was there - one of those places that feels like home. And now that International Living has come out with the new Quality of Life Index that show the US slipping (gee, what a surprise) it just makes me want to leave here more than ever. But Chris is just not interested so it will probably end up with me going on my own or with Susan. Then the guys can come visit.

I'm rebuilding my web site and when that is done, this blog will show up there too. The site is really pretty but I haven't done any site building for ages and I have forgotten how Dreamweaver works! So it's taking a while but it will be worth it in the long run.