What a great trip I had. 

From northwest to East Coast to SoCal, my experiences ran the gamut.

My last post was from back east and then when I got to SoCal, I was just too busy with family to post anything. So this is just a brief catch up til now.

The main thing that came out of this trip, besides a lot of fun, was how much I miss being around Ryan and Cody and the little ones. And out of that came two more trips down there; one in November for Cody's Firefighter graduation and the other over Christmas. Tickets already booked. After that, I will know more about my house loan situation and can make a more educated decision about where I am going.

It's already really cold here - yesterday didn't get over 50F and last night was near freezing, and I heard that La Nina is expected this winter so we can expect the same as last year. Not good.

But the nuts and bolts of the trip. I flew into Burbank as it is so much easier for Ryan to pick me up there. Spent a few days then headed up to Apple Valley to see Cody, Mel and the little boys. Oliver and Everett are soooo cute, yes, more than grandma cute! So it was great to spend the days playing with them, but also trying to work. They are such time wasters! We took them to a pumpkin patch which was a lot of fun. Went to the local farmer's market at the college where Cody is training and actually saw him in full firefighter gear, much to Oliver's delight! Back down to Encino, and a trip with Betsy to Carpinteria to meet my Ecology people. That in itself made the whole trip worthwhile (almost) as now I can put faces to names.

The day before I headed back north, Ryan and I spent a wonderful day together. I love Les, but it was so good to have Ryan all to myself. We went shopping - seeing as I had got rid of all my winter clothes ready for tropical living - then to brunch out in Topanga Canyon at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. I fell in love with the canyon and it is quite possible that it is the place I go in the near future. When I go back down next month, I am going to explore it a little more. After that, we went wine tasting at Malibu Wines and then home to pack.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better trip. I feel rested, happy to be working and ready to take on the world.