I forget what it's like to be around young people - there are so many retired people around here. It seems as though the majority of the clients we have are our age or older but just recently it seems as though there are a lot more young people in my life and I love it! Especially the young men! Not that there is any sort of sexual fantasy on my part - it's just that wonderful attitude they have and the energy they exude. Today there were a couple of young men showed up in my life and it makes things worth while!

Tonight I discovered that there actually is a sophisticated world in our neck of the boonies. After a long rough day, Chris suggested dinner out and having had thoughts of "What the hell am I going to fix for dinner," it was a very welcome suggestion. But then the discussion about where to go. We live 25 minutes from any real civilization and the closest place - a development - has a big choice of three restaurants - greasy, and less greasy - both of which I had tried. And although preferable to cooking myself - did not sound exciting. But then the other choice - an hotel that has a facade to put anyone off. But seeing as I hadn't ever been there - but living within 10 minutes of the joint I thought it was about time to try it. And boy, was I surprised! Elegant, nice ambiance, excellent wine list and a menu that actually had lamb and I'm sold. I even splurged and had a French 75 and with the first sip, could taste the quality of the gin. After that they could have served me tripe! But the salad was delightfully crisp with a light vinaigrette and I followed that with delicious lamb chops in a pinot noir sauce with caramelized pecans. I'm not a red wine lover so opted for an Aussie white that was very complementary to the meal.

So now we have a hangout - a place to go in jeans or tuxedo and feel quite comfortable.
And of course, we were served by charming young men!

Autumn is a blessing. I can be a mum around her and I hear about the trials and tribulations of being a young woman - and even though I am twice her age (plus a few) I can totally relate and recall what it was like to be her age. Damn, I love these youngsters!