For the first time in I don't remember how long, I had the weekend off! It felt like a vacation. We went to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend - a great getaway and of course with all the boats we were both in pretty festive moods! A little lunch at the Otter Crossing Cafe - delicious grilled veges and brie on ciabbatta with a nice crisp chardonay.
The weather was gorgeous, not like last year when several boats ended up blown onto the rocks along the town's seawall. As it was, there was very little wind the the Schooner race was more a drifter than anything else. On Sunday I went back to meet with my publisher and the sailors had a nice breeze for the afternoon sail by. That was a good meeting - not only did I get things nailed down (or as much as can be expected with him) for what he wants for the magazine, but also met the editor of Wooden Boat and he asked me to send him clips!! That's a mag I'd love to write for.
And on the subject of writing, I pitched International Living for a series of Postcards from Nicaragua from the trip we will take in January - after all, we have to have a write-off.
So today is back to the humdrum work mode - and as usual I am the only one at the office and getting pissed off that I'm here and not doing the things I would rather do - like be out taking pix.
But I have to go shopping for a new outfit for Michael's wedding - and I hate shopping!