3 more sleeps

It's just three more sleeps til I am off!
The time is whizzing by and though I am checking things off my lists, it seems that for every one thing I check, there are two more to be handled. But I can do it, I know I can.

The magazine will be put to bed before I leave, and then I will have a few days before I must start working again. And I am trying my darnedest to get things planned ahead so it's not so frantic.

Of course, the weather has turned gorgeous - still cold and windy - but blue skies and if you can find a corner to tuck into, without the breeze, the sun is gorgeous. In some ways it is going to be hard to leave; my tulips are blooming, the irises are in bud, my veges are growing - as are the weeds! So it's sad to be leaving when everything is starting to be alive again. But I need to leave so I can come alive again.
I think I have just about everything handled. And if I haven't thought of it by now, it can't be that important.
Susan is taking me to the airport on Wednesday and we will spend the night so she doesn't have to make the long trek home at night. I booked a room at La Quinta and have to be up way early to be at the airport by 4:45 am on Thursday. I suspect Susan might sleep in, and make her way home in daylight - although daylight is happening around 5 now.

The "book club girls" are getting together tomorrow night for a quick celebration at Janet's. Early so I can drive home in daylight - and be home in time to continue packing and preparing. The kitties have not started to freak out even though the suitcases are in the bedroom. I know they will be perfectly fine with Sandy and Larry - after all, they are just CATS!