Musings and Ponderings

My new life is wide open

Time is going by very quickly and I need to make decisions that I don't necessarily want to make.

Leaving New Zealand isn't a decision, it's a visa requirement. What comes after that is where my dilemma lies as I wonder and ponder what to do. 

I am basically homeless, although many of my friends won't let me use that word, offering me places to stay and keep me off the streets! But, and I appreciate all the offers, I need to have my own little place and the only way I can see making that work is by getting a campervan and using that as my base. 

Camper Van?

This is the sort of van I am looking for.

This is the sort of van I am looking for.

There are numerous sites out there that talk about campervan life; some choosing that lifestyle out of a desire to be more mobile and footloose and fancy free! Those ones seem to have the funds to buy a top-of-the-line van, kitted out with all "mod cons." Then there are the people living in cars and vans, there out of necessity and unfortunately, that's where my situation fits. But I really get a bad vibe watching their videos and seeing the conditions of their vans. A lot of them are complete pits. 

So I have to look at things differently. And not allow myself to be pulled into the negative feelings I get watching those videos. If this is the direction I go, I am not going to live like they do, with what looks like vans loaded with junk. I'd like to project a whole different attitude about the endeavor, or adventure. 

A Class B, 22-foot van will be ideal, I think as it is fairly inconspicuous but is completely self-contained. It is below the size that gets higher fees on ferries and should be relatively easy to drive around. And although it will be used, I will make sure it hasn't had a smoker in it. Perhaps a friend of a friend or relative has one sitting in their garage, just waiting for me :)

What I need is a purpose and a destination. I don't think I can just sort of drive around, looking for places to park. I need something worthwhile and concrete to do while I am living that way.

Pick Up an Old Idea?


Last summer, when I first started thinking about this, I planned to write about the distilleries and tried to get a campervan company to sponsor me but was turned down. The reason being I was promoting alcohol! But if I don't need that kind of sponsor, then I can still do this as my World Craft Distilleries site continues to get followers even though I have been lax, posting there. Especially here in New Zealand on the North Island where there are NO distilleries!

And I need to learn to create a vlog, although I really dislike being on camera myself. Something I will get over, I expect! Some of the sites that produce videos or podcasts ask for money - and I learned they are called e-beggars! I would hate to have that tag attached to what I do.

My sister-in-law Julie reminder me this morning (thank goodness for WhatApp) of how when I think, plan and consider things, they usually come about! And I specially have to change the way I have been thinking, which has been rather negative, especially around my current situation of being very broke and without a home. So many people envy me with the freedom that I have. So I must remember Julie's words and concentrate on what is good for me and what I think will work for me in the near future.

And it doesn't have to be forever!