Still in Nomad Mode, Looking for a Never Ending Summer

Off I go, long hair and all!

I've been on the road now since November 2016. And it's getting very old! 

Even though I have had some huge adventures, and have avoided winter, what I really miss is having a base. Couch surfing and staying with family and friends, living out of a suitcase is exhausting. I'm not complaining, I am so fortunate to have these people in my life who care enough about me to give me the spaces to live. And put up with me for months on end!

Wine tasting at Stettyn Winery in the Cape

Wine tasting at Stettyn Winery in the Cape

The last year has taken me back down to California from Washington where my house went into foreclosure and left me homeless, to South Africa, British Columbia, Mexico, Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. And to people I meet, who aren't familiar with my actual circumstances, it all sounds very romantic! And at times it is, but now it's the new year and time to get myself sorted out with something permanent.

A solution is out there and my current thinking is living in a campervan. Apparently, it is not uncommon for women of my age to be in this shitty situation and they are taking to the roads! I had no idea it was such a "thing." Delving into the campervan life on the internet is mind boggling and opened my mind to other possibilities, with numerous Facebook and youTube groups that have copious amounts of information; from which van to get to where to stealth camp to where to get the best deals on tires/propane/campsites etc. 

The ideal situation for me would be to have two vans - one in the States during the northern summer and one in New Zealand for their summer, where I am now. Then I could live in a perpetual summer, my ultimate goal. I can always dream, can't I?

Loving the beach in Kwa Zulu Natal

Loving the beach in Kwa Zulu Natal

So I have a lot to learn, and one of them is to learn how to create vlogs as I hope to spin off from and get sponsored. I have the equipment to do it, but I have always been camera-shy and will have to get over that. People want to connect with people, not just look at pretty pictures

Looking to earn extra money, I started a shopify site, which I will be more diligent promoting and also starting another one called Oh My Happy Socks which will tie in with Ryan's ohmyunderwear site. He has been much more diligent than I have and the site is doing well. 

He and I are working on an app project which when it takes off, will make all of the above completely unimportant and I will be able to get a place of my own wherever I feel will suit me. 

But in the meantime, I am in New Zealand for four more months, until my 6-month visa expires, staying in the spare room at my niece's house. I've been here for just over two months and I am getting itchy feet again to get the show on the road, or at least have some direction, which I am lacking now. I don't feel retired, and financially I'm not, and cannot sit around all day, doing nothing. Boredom sets in very quickly for me and I need to keep doing and learning.