Doctor visit

My first doctor visit since seeing Dr. Jadin in South Africa went well. I was a bit nervous because this is an unorthodox procedure and not approved here - or really in South Africa either. I also had to be diplomatic and not say "why didn't you see this."

Merrily is a nurse practitioner and is my primary care doctor. She was very attentive when I told her the story of how all this came together and asked lots of questions and was very interested! I had taken in all my blood test results etc and the book and printouts of the info from the internet.
She did a full physical (girl stuff as well) and everything is good. She has ordered an MRI for Wednesday - same doctor, same machine as requested by Dr. Jadin - so we will find out if there has been any more damage since last year. I found out at the end, that she has been researching this sort of treatment as her husband has Parkinsons, but she has had a feeling that is not what it is - so she is very intrigued, which is good for me.
I am feeling fine - still get a bit tired, but my headaches are not so persistent and I am not as depressed. (Beautiful weather helps a lot, too.) A lot of that I attribute to the Kangen water I am drinking by the gallon. My third round of antibiotics began today and even though there was a warning that they might make me dizzy, I feel ok.