102 in the Shade

Whew! I know I asked for warm weather, but yikes! It was 102 in the shade on the veranda! Holy moly, I had forgotten these super hot, dry days in February. The plants all frizzled and dry, tree leaves drooping - and the weavers quiet.

I went out to the vege garden around 3:30 and even then I could feel myself frying, but needed to get water on the poor little plants that were looking very sad. Fortunately, they look fine this morning, and it is 'only' going to be around 90F today, They say.

Mick and Debbie have two cats, Gingie and Gremlin, Gingie's mother. The house is surrounded by veld (grasslands) which are inhabited by a huge number of rodents! But significantly less than if the cats weren't around. Every day, one or both appear with either a live mouse or vlei rat, or a very dead one. Always very proud!

These treasures are usually brought into the house, either to play with - or eat! Live ones are chased around by Mick and/or Debbie while the cats try to foil their attempts, rescued and placed in an always-at-the-ready shoe box and transported back to the field!

This morning, while sitting here at the computer on the veranda, Gingie appeared with one in his mouth. I proceeded to chase him, trying to get him to drop it! Ha! He beelined for the  vege garden where he did drop it. One very dead mouse!

All the while, I had been calling Mick to come help but he was in his office and didn't hear me. I grabbed Gingie and we went back to the house, leaving the dead rat. But what to do with it? Mick said leave it there, we can't save them all, and Gingie immediately rushed back to retrieve his treasure. Then proceeded to eat it on the grass right in front of me!

Cats do what cats must do!