Ryan came to visit and we did the Farm Tour It's been ages since I posted an update here and a lot has been going on. Some of the old same old same old stuff but other stuff as well, thank goodness, or I would go nuts rehashing things like on Groundhog Day!

Some of you might even wonder where I am! Well, after a lovely three-week break down in Southern California where it was mostly sunny and warm, I got back to Washington yesterday. Arrived in a fog-shrouded Seattle, but today is beautiful but definitely not warm.

Since my last post - way back in May of last year when I was in Colorado, things changed, again. I had anticipated that my tenant would be here for a while, but that wasn't to be. Apparently things were not working out with the cats and so she wanted to change the terms of the rental including lowering the rent and paying for a gardener while she went on vacation! Well, as you can imagine, that didn't fly with me so I hot-footed it back to Washington to rescue "the boys" and move back into a very neglected house.

2014-09-05 16.53.08

I went over to Lake Chelan for a few days to see Janet and Patrick, and as usual, had a lot of fun. Too much wine and food but we survived! They live the right life - winter in Mexico and summer in Chelan. Definitely my style.

It was a glorious summer here, barefoot weather which for this area is very unusual. All the while dealing with this ridiculous law suit which is really a pain in the ass and SO stupid and illogical. It's STILL going on but there seems to be light at the end of the very long tunnel - I think. I just want to be able to move on without the jerk causing all these problems. You'd think he would want to, too. Anyway...

Lake Chelan

Ryan came up for a weekend and we went on the Farm Tour - City Boy Meets Cows sort of thing which was a lot of fun. The visit was way too short...


So Susan came back to Port Townsend in October - severe upheavals in Colorado and she is back full bore into Real Estate and loving it. We ended up doing a few outings including the Art in the Woods tour and just making a point of getting out of the house.

Art in the Woods

And that brings me to my big decision - I have waffled on whether to try to keep this house or not. Home ownership is expensive and this little place needs work so I have really considered walking away from it, many times. But during my trip down to SoCal, I realized how much I love having a "base" and although this place is definitely at the wrong latitude, it serves that purpose.

I came home to two very happy kitties, (Susan took care of them while I was gone) my ducks out on the estuary, my orchids flowering, my own "stuff" around and my little routines.

So I will go through the whole rigmarole - again - to hang on to it.

Pyrat rum - candid camera at Lake Chelan

So my next big adventure is to get (again) my real estate license, make the money to fix everything in the house, get it rented out to good tenants and move somewhere warmer, knowing that I always can come back to my base. I'ts going to take a lot of hard slogging to get it going but I figure in a year or two, the house will be all done and I will be on a beach in the lower latitudes, say around 15 degrees either north or south!

My little eBay biz is cooking along, making the extra it takes to survive. Who knows how long that will continue, with all the movies streaming and I wonder why anyone buys DVDs and Blu-Ray discs anymore. But I will take it as it comes, and ride the wave!

The bottom line is that I am here in Washington, in my house, for the foreseeable future. And oh, I have an extra bedroom for guests! But let me know if you are coming, because I just might do an airbnb!

Colorado Living


barn and grain elevator It's a quiet life here in Colorado, other than dodging tornadoes and thunderstorms! But the weather is improving and it's shorts time many days. And it isn't as dry as it was, which is a blessing!

I'm forever grateful to Dan and Susan for providing a roof over my head! But...

I do miss having my own place and I so miss my kitties, although having animals all around all the time is helpful. There are two dogs and two cats: Cedar, an elderly pit bull something mix; Bella, an obsessive/compulsive chocolate lab who lives for ball games; Zena, a very slinky black kitty and Pepper, a calico kitty who spends a lot of time on my bed! Just about every day, Susan and I take the dogs for a walk. Well, Bella goes for a ball game on the school playing field just across the street. We have one of the ball thrower devices that really send the ball a long way, and she just loves it, foaming at the mouth and ready to drop after five minutes of intense running, jumping and catching. Cedar goes for a leisurely stroll, and never misses an upright pole or bush!

This morning, my daily walk took me alongside one of the huge corn fields close to the house and I was horrified to see a helicopter spraying the crops and was very grateful the wind was blowing the wrong way. But shortly after that, I could feel the chemicals in the back of my throat, so despite wind direction, the s**t gets into the air everywhere. Nasty! On a more positive note, the streets are so pretty, everything is turning/has turned green; flowers are everywhere and this town is so tiny, there is hardly any traffic at all.

My web site is looking good, don't you think? I am still having issues with image size but the them developer is helping me so pretty soon I should be able to put the right sized pix up!


Perhaps Spring is Here

Freaky Spring Weather


purple spring  iris

In the last few days,we've had hail, thunderstorms, tornado watches, severe weather warnings, temperatures down to freezing then shooting up to the 80s!

Schizophrenic weather in Colorado for sure.

Yellow Iris in spring

And now... looks like spring. First the daffodils came but got nailed by the snow before I could take a picture! Then the tulips popped up and are rather beaten up from the hail. The lilac is out lining the roads with hues from pure white to deep purple. Just gorgeous. And now the iris are out in full bloom.

purple lilac in spring

It's a very short growing season here in Eaton, CO despite the fact that it is Colorado's bread basket. So everything is trying to get its growing in before the time runs out. The vast plowed and furrowed fields have plants popping up and I have to go to investigate what it is, along those endless rows!

GHL is Almost Nine Years Old


Wow, I have been writing this Gray Haired Lady ( GHL ) blog for almost nine years! The first post, back in September of 2005 is about planning a trip to Nicaragua and how excited I was about it. Unfortunately, it was just after that, that I became ill so the trip was abandoned!

What a shame. And I have been trying to go south ever since then.

port ludlow house

A lot has changed since that early beginning; it started on blogger and I progressed to wordpress when it was pretty basic and now... this new site is pretty spiffy - at least I think it is.

Of course, my life was totally different then. I was married, we had just bought the cute house on the water in Bridgehaven, we were both working in real estate in Port Ludlow, WA. Now, I am single (again) my house in Bridgehaven is rented out, I am ungainfully unemployed (does that double negative create a job for me?) and staying with Susan and Dan in Colorado, a place I never expected to be spending any time.

So life throws us curveballs. And my life just keeps lobbing them at me!

I'm Ba-a-a-c-k!

Sunset from across the street from Susan and Dan's house in Eaton, CO  

It's been a while and a lot has happened in the last 3-4 months since I got back from New Zealand. But now I am ba-a-a-c-k!

I haven't been posting because the person I used to be married to (I can't call him what I would like to) has taken comments out of context from this blog and used them against me. But I decided that f**k him, this is how I keep family and friends informed about where I am and what I am doing, so will post regardless of what he does. He can go take a flying leap - hopefully off a very high cliff!

Currently, I am in Colorado in a tiny town called Eaton, staying with Susan and Dan. And we are in the supposed middle of spring but it snowed yesterday and the day before, plus we have a freeze warning and a lot of farmers and locals lost crops.

But to go back to the end of January...

After spending almost 10 weeks in New Zealand with Zoze, I spent time with Ryan in LA, then went to Long Beach with Betsy, where we had the use of a condo for a few weeks.

-19F in Missoula, Montana

But I didn't settle in right away but headed up to Montana to see Cody, Mel and the little boys. It was the dead of winter and when I got off the plane in Missoula it was -19F! It was a wonderful visit and they seemed to be getting used to the new lifestyle. Oliver and Everett (especially Oliver) love the snow and he was able to snowboard on a ramp Cody built for him. It's a very dry cold, so even I spent time outside! From there, I went to Port Townsend and stayed with Mardelle and Jim for 10 days at the B&B (bed and booze) which as usual is a lot of fun! Dinner at the Ajax, dinner at The Fountain Cafe and one night a sleepover as Susan was also in town and Pam came over as well. Too bad, Janet was there, but she was still in Mexico, lucky girl.

I also went down to the house and saw 'the boys' who were so happy to see me. I miss those guys so much and can't wait until I can retrieve them - and have a fixed base for myself.

Being in the condo in Long Beach was fun. It was really easy living there. Betsy is an easy roomie and we had a good time, with a couple of side trips and lots of beach walks. Well, not really 'on the beach' walks, but the sidewalks in Seal Beach, Redondo Beach and Long Beach. Seal Beach and Redondo are both places I would be happy to call home. (At this point in my life, I would be happy to call anywhere home!)

Long Beach, or that area we were in, is what I would call 'iffy' but the best part, there is a Trader Joe's just around the corner, although I wouldn't walk there at night! There is also a small wine bar where Betsy took me for my birthday as I really didn't want to celebrate medicare! She also organized a St. Patrick's Day dinner which ended up being a birthday party, much to my chagrin.

And Ryan took me to see The Book of Mormon at the spectacular Pantages theatre, with dinner first. The whole evening was fun as we took the tube from right close to his house! Yes, LA has underground trains which are wonderful - and inexpensive.

Steve and Cathy invited me down to stay with them for a couple of day in Encinitas. I always so enjoy spending time with them! And we spent time with Brynn and her three little ones - no wonder she is so slim! With a four year old and one year old twins. she is constantly on the move! I was exhausted just watching her! But it was good times and great to have such steadfast friends in my life.

The Pantages where we went to see Book of Mormon

When our time ran out at the condo, my next stop was back at Ryan's for a couple of days. He had his two-year check up (It's hard to believe it was two years ago that I made that frantic around the world dash to be with him in hospital!) I hung out at the hospital while they did the checks and he is just fine!

Then it was the long drive to Colorado. I was lucky and got there without any serious weather hazards. The day after I got there, a big winter storm rolled in and I would have been stranded somewhere in the Rockies as I don't have all weather tires and was not carrying chains! My car was loaded up with everything I own, just about! I saw the most spectacular scenery along the way and shot most images with my amazing little iPhone!

I tool a quick trip - well, not really quick as it was two days of driving to get there - to Montana to see Cody et al, but the trip was disastrous so won't go into details, a sad state of affairs. Headed back to Colorado after one day, doing the return in a day. But I did get some great photos on the way there, driving through Wyoming to the Grand Tetons near Yellowstone, across part of Idaho into Montana.

Weld County where Eaton is, is a very agricultural area as well as being the center of all fracking (oil and gas) in Colorado. Not a pretty picture and I worry about the air quality, especially with summer coming. The one really hot day we had a couple of weeks ago, the air was thick! I haven't seen smog like that since the 70s in Los Angeles! Fortunately, the wind picked up the next day and blew the sh*t away to some other poor people! It seems that people don't seem to care what is happening to the earth and air around here. There is just too much money at stake. Crops are sown up to and around the wells which might just as well be pumping out $100 bills.

Susan and I have done a few day trips - coffee shops, antique stores but she has started back into real estate so doesn't have a lot of free time any more. But it's ok because now I get to catch up on blogs, photos, emails etc. They have two dogs and two cats, which is great. I really have missed having animals around. Pepper, one of the kitties is my pal and sleeps with me at night! Very cute girl!

The dreaded age

Nothing much going on with ecology - we keep the site relatively fresh when we can and there is supposed to be funding coming in... but...

So I keep looking for something to do/a job/anything but without a lot of luck. I a very grateful for the place to stay here or heaven knows where I would be. Of course, I know I can always go back and stay at Mick's in South Africa and now that being close to the little boys is no as imperative, it is an option. Especially with the exchange rate the way it is! Makes living on my Social Security pretty close to doable.

That's a quick snapshot and catchup of my life over the last few months. Granny Travels has more but that is not really a "what I am doing" blog but there are some cool pix on it and more about places I've been.

Oh, and p.s. the new header will change - as you might have noticed, I've update the site but the header sucks!


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